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By Patrick Osio, Jr. 

January 10, 2003
President Bush’s immigration proposal is for businesses not for Latino votes.
By Patrick Osio Jr./HispanicVista.com
Discussion on immigration reform the topic of debated that held the nation’s attention for several months coming to a sudden stop on September 11, 2001, is back on the front burner with President Bush’s announced proposal to match needed work with needed workers. His words were met with resounding no’s.

As expected the ultra conservative right wing of the Republican Party led the screams as the only words they want to hear is ‘round them up, and throw them out.’ The liberal side, mostly Democrats and their Latino civil rights group supporters, cried out, no, Bush is not giving them enough. Even Mexican President Fox got into the act telling his people, yes, but “we’re going for more.”

January 17, 2004
Hypocrisy has no room in seeking immigration reform.
By Patrick Osio, Jr./HispanicVista.com
Opponents to President Bush’s immigration proposal object, saying that amnesty rewards crime. Let’s call it what it really is – a pardon. Bush’s proposal would pardon those who entered the country without a visa or stayed after their visa expired as prescribed by US laws, but it would also pardon their US employers, who by hiring them broke federal laws. So it’s not just the undocumented immigrant benefiting from the Bush proposal.
Why then do we pussy foot around not branding US citizens, the executives, business owners, and common citizens employing undocumented workers as criminals, but have no qualms branding only those hired by them as such?
February 7, 2004
Is this another anti-Latino election year – or just an immigration issue?
By Patrick Osio, Jr./HispanicVista.com
What may have otherwise been an obscure footnote to this year’s elections, has suddenly gained newsworthy attention from the media, for now at least at the California state level. The tidbit comes about by one Republican attacking another Republican, both competing for the party’s nomination for an open Congressional seat. The attack by State Sen. Rico Oller against Dan Lungren, a former five-term Congressman and more recently the state’s Attorney General.  The attack mailer is vividly reminiscent of the Pete Wilson campaign against Latinos during his quest for a second term as governor in 1994.According to the Sacramento Bee, “the (Oller) mailer includes a full-page image of a masked, gun-toting terrorist. Depicted in the terrorist’s head covering is the image of Latino men apparently jumping the U.S. border.” In large type, “Dan Lungren voted to give illegal aliens U.S. citizenship.”
February 21, 2004
Candidate Howard Kaloogian comes up with a lulu proposal.
By Patrick Osio, Jr./HispanicVista.com
Racism is the mother of all ignorance, and racist-ignorance has a multiplier effect seeking through its own ignorance, new venues for its justification through constant new expressions. Those afflicted with racist-ignorance lose sight of reason, logic and good sense – they simply charge blindly ahead truly believing within themselves theirs is a just cause, God is on their side, and freedom is at stake, ignoring their own ignorance. In this political year, we have yet one more case in point – meet Howard Kaloogian, California candidate for the Republican nomination for the US Senate.
March 6, 2004
Exempting Mexican border residents from the USVisit mandate is cost effective, good for business and good politics.
By Patrick Osio, Jr/HispanicVista.com
Most Americans know that elected officials always have political reasons when doing something – that is the nature of the animal. So of course, Bush keeps in mind political consequences when acting on any given issue. Exempting Mexican border residents from the onerous border crossing fingerprinting when entering and again when leaving the US is one such issue. Unfortunately the wire services make it out to be the primary reason – “Bush eager to boost his standing in the U.S. Hispanic community, the nation's fastest-growing voting bloc, American politics were never far from the agenda,” as one wire service reporter called it.


March 14, 2004
“We are a nation of immigrants, we welcome them if they enter legally” – yeah, right.
By Patrick Osio, Jr./HispanicVista.com
The most often heard comment on the immigration issue from both politicians and common citizens is – “As a nation of immigrants we welcome new immigrants, but legally – as did the millions before them.” Sound good and it sounds fair – but suppose obstacles so onerous are put in the way making it almost impossible for one group to enter legally, while allowing another group to easily qualify? Suppose Mexicans can enter with little restriction while Canadians are made to jump through so many hoops so as to not qualify with the same ease?
March 20, 2004
Harvard Professor Huntington is looking under the wrong bed for the boogieman.
By Patrick Osio, Jr./HispanicVista.com
How unfortunate it is to have Samuel P. Huntington, a now defrocked but formerly renowned Harvard professor, betray his lofty academic credentials to espouse his personal biases using facts contrary to evidence, suppositions used by white supremacists and fictionalizing historical accounts. As the Miami Herald put it, “Racist in America must be having a field day. At long last they have found a world-renowned intellectual to rationalize their resentment against America’s rapidly growing Hispanic community.”
May 6, 2002
Does Mexico’s “whole enchilada” idea have Mexican-American support?
By Patrick Osio, Jr.
Juan Hernandez, head of the office for Mexican immigrants in the United States, recently remarked that Mexico wants the “whole enchilada” – amnesty for those illegally in the United States; and noting the US needs at least 1.5 million foreign laborers every year that Mexico is the obvious country where such workers are available. The whole enchilada is amnesty and a guest worker program.
May 19, 2003
 Mexico wants to formalize labor as an export commodity, so why deal with it as an immigration issue?
By Patrick Osio, Jr.
What Mexico has been attempting to do is work out a formal agreement with the US for regulations and controls for “labor-exports,” but instead of calling it that, it is erroneously referring to it as an “immigration agreement” To Mexico, labor is a reasonable addition to its list of available commodities for export. Presently under a different name and without controls it is already doing just that to the tune of $10 billion in 2002, a sum expected to be greater in 2003.
May 26, 2003
The US and Mexico have a business problem in want of a solution
By Patrick Osio, Jr.
It is apparent, even to Mexico, that there will not now or in the foreseeable future, be an amnesty program for the 3.5 million-plus Mexican citizens who entered the US illegally. It is also apparent, even to the US, that there is a need for the labor these de facto immigrants provide to numerous US industries. So what the US and Mexico are faced with is – a business problem – not an immigration issue. Mexico has labor to sell – the US needs to buy labor. The questions are – what are Mexico’s terms of sale; what are the US’s terms for purchase? Mexico has to accept that ‘amnesty’ is not included in its terms, and the US has to accept that it can no longer ignore the negotiating table.
July 28, 2003
FBI’s case against Matricula Consular reliability can include all forms of identification from anywhere
By Patrick Osio, Jr./HispanicVista.com
The Matricula Consular is not a reliable form of identification because it can be obtained with forged documents, and the Matricula are easily forged, testified Steve McCraw, FBI Office of Intelligence before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration. Following that logic our driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, birth certificates and passports can be easily obtained and/or forged by others. And thousands of US entry visa have been forged or illegally sold.
October 22, 2003
The rhetoric of anti-immigrant groups is loud, but not clear.
By Patrick Osio, Jr.
There are anti-immigrant groups that cannot allow Americans to think of Mexican illegal immigrants as fellow human beings lured by the hope the US represents to masses driven by poverty in their home country. To allow us to accept their plight is real, their cause noble would pull at the American heart that has historically rooted for the underdog, and come to their defense. Thus, these groups paint these downtrodden as ‘terrorists-criminals,’ ‘savages,’ ‘society’s leeches,’ ‘rapists,’ ‘drug-pushers,’ ‘children killers,’ and far worse.
November 7, 2003
Attacking illegal immigrants is big business that solutions would bankrupt.
By Patrick Osio, Jr./HispanicVista.com
While a guest on a conservative radio talk show airing out of Bakersfield, California, a major agricultural region in the state, the host, a local personality, editorialized about the wrong of illegal immigration. Her take as well as of callers, was that illegal immigrants should stay home; those here should either leave or be deported and so on. I was invited as the ‘opposite view’ someone to be taken apart for my stance favoring working something out with Mexico to bring order to an otherwise chaotic immigration policy.


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