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A Father Lives Through His Dead Son

By Raoul Lowery Contreras


           "After quitting one job and losing another, Fernando Suarez del Solar is supported financially by anti-war groups. They fly him all over the country to speak about the need to end the war in Iraq to stop the death of soldiers like Jesus."

          So wrote Erin Massey, North County Times


          Basic facts of Fernando Suarez del Solar: He immigrated his family to the United States 9 years ago when son Jesus was 14 years old from Tijuana (not as rumored for the sole purpose of Jesus joining the U.S. Marines). At 18, Jesus voluntarily joined the Marines. The Marines say he was a good Marine. He died in the Iraq invasion a Mexican citizen because father Fernando never secured citizenship for himself or his family.


          Hollywood producer Moctezuma Esparza (Gettysburg, Gods and Generals) is producing a movie—"Green Card Marines" about Jesus Suarez del Solar and two other Marines from Mexico and Guatemala killed in the first days of the Iraq war.


          Fernando calls the Iraq war "stupid." He will receive some attention in the movie based on articles published throughout the country. His views, however, are not "his." He regurgitates what he is told by his "handlers" from the anti-war movement. They are not Mexican, nor immigrant; they are typical Bush hating white people of the American Left. They have absorbed Fernando’s total being; he belongs to them.


          There is nothing in his background that demonstrates any knowledge of American foreign policy, or of the continuous war for freedom waged by Americans since 1776, or any American history. There is no proof he could even find Iraq on an unmarked map before his son was killed. There is no proof he vociferously objected to his son’s enlistment in the Marines. Until his son became famous by death in Iraq, there is no proof Fernando ever made a public utterance on any socio-economic or political subject other than leaving Mexico for America.


          There is plenty of proof, however, that Fernando has some media presence. On behalf of others he represents a point of view to the public with many adherents but little power. In fact, the hugely successful Iraq election cut much of the ground out from anti-Iraq war activists, as did President George W. Bush’s reelection.


          Despite these blows, Fernando finds reporters willing to publish his "quest for peace" activities. There are no published words of his praising the Iraq people for standing up to terrorists and trooping to the polls to freely elect their own government (an experience Fernando has never had, not having ever voted in a free Mexican election). He offers no condemnatory words towards Muslim car-bombing terrorists who kill innocent women and children in Iraq. Such words would be counter to his "handlers’" desire to vilify the Iraq war.


          He mouths the words he is told to say. He says America has killed more people in Iraq than the recent tsunami did. He is told to say these things, despite their not being true. He says them and he receives financial succor from these fanatics. They finance him because he is the father of an American Marine who died in the first few days of the war, not because he is brilliant or a fine orator.


          There can be no mistake about it, Fernando Suarez del Solar is being used and manipulated – willingly—because he is an unsophisticated Mexican immigrant without a firm educational base. He won’t stop it or stop taking the money.


          I, like Fernando, grieve for his son, Jesus. And, I support "Green Carder" Fernando’s exercise of free speech which he never experienced before. However, he must recognize that his opinion is not his own, it comes from others, others who dishonor his son’s life and death.###


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