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Ís he a Gandhi or sell-out?

By Raoul Lowery Contreras


(Editor’s Note: Raoul Lowery Contreras’ February 21, 2005 article, “A Father Lives Through His Dead Son” (http://www.hispanicvista.com/HVC/Columnist/rcontreras/022105contreras.htm) brought forth a series of letters condemning his article and HispanicVista for publishing it. HispanicVista did not necessarily agree and most certainly did not defend Lowery Contreras’ opinion, but rather HispanicVista does defend his as well as all others’ right to have and write opinions. In this exercise, a number of counterpoint letters to the editor are published as well as two Counterpoint Guest articles. Mr. Lowery Contreras has written a follow up article on the subject.)

February 28, 2005 

          Escondido’s (CA) Fernando Suarez de Solar supporters claim that he is an icon like hero/martyrs Martin Luther King, Jr., India’s Gandhi, and Farmworker Union’s Cesar Chavez.

           Suarez de Solar immigrated his family from Mexico a decade ago. A 14 year old son grew up and joined the United States Marines. Fernando made no effort to become an American citizen and made little effort to learn English as most immigrants do. Before his son was killed in the first few hours of the Iraq war, no one had ever heard of Fernando.

          Before 2002 there is no record of Fernando ever speaking on American foreign policy. Nor is there proof that he knew where Iraq was or what kind of government it had or how many people Iraq’s dictator had killed over the years or even how many people died in Iraq’s recent invasions of neighboring countries. There is no record of Fernando participating in the public body, as his son did by voluntarily enlisting in the United States Marines.

          Certainly the son, Jesus, did not join the Marines because they wear smart looking uniforms, or because he needed a job to support his wife and baby, he could make more driving a truck. Jesus, friends tell us, loved the Marines. Marines exist only to fight at the direction of the Commander in Chief, with or without congressional approval. Marines have fought all over the world 180 times or so, without a declaration of war. Every Marine knows that.

          We can then assume that Jesus knew what he was doing and that he supported his deployment as an armed Marine to the Iraqi desert. He went without hesitation, no matter what his father thought.

          When Jesus died, Fernando publicly grieved. His description of the war as "stupid" appeared later in newspapers. However, those were not his first public words on the death of his son. Why?

          Because he is being paid by anti-war groups to says those words—according to published reports in his hometown daily newspaper, the (San Diego) North County Times. Is there a problem here? Yes, like Republican commentator Armstrong Williams who was paid money to support Bush Administration views, Fernando doesn’t tell his audiences or reporters that he is paid to say what he says. Where is the liberal anguish over Fernando’s deceit as there was over Armstrong’s?

          There isn’t any. What there is leftist Hispanic/Latino support of Fernando. The Hispanic, excuse me, Latino, fringe is now claiming Fernando an equal to Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, both of whom were assassinated. Fernando and his supporters claim the war is "illegal" and "unjust’ and claim also to represent the "Hispanic/Latino" community. They don’t!

          A plurality forty seven percent of American born Hispanic/Latinos believe we should keep our troops in Iraq as against 29 percent of foreign born (and mostly non-US citizens) Hispanics like Fernando and his supporters, according to a recent survey by the Pew Hispanic Center.

          In a phrase, Fernando and his supporters represent but a non-representative splinter of the American Hispanic population. No one would even know they exist if not for under-the-table money from the usual suspects.


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