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White kinsmen have new heroes

By Raoul Lowery Contreras/HispanicVista.com

May 2, 2005

"So why don't people fight? Why don't our White kinsmen take up the battle standard and build with us a new, White nation that will be immeasurably better in every way than the decadent, materialistic society of today?" - Erich Gliebe Chairman, National Alliance

Gliebe has found two "kinsmen" to fight for the White race: Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican Congressman and disgraced former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock who was forced to resign when convicted of 13 felonies. Set aside for legal technicalities, the convictions were never overturned and the former mayor, now a San Diego talk show host, eventually pleaded guilty in a plea bargain deal to avoid a third trial.

He has been taken to the corporate "woodshed" at his radio talk show station for disparaging remarks about San Diego Gays and for attacks on Hispanic Mike Aguirre (newly elected City Attorney). The station replaced Hedgecock for shows allowing Aguirre and Gays to separately rebut unsubstantiated attacks and allegations by Hedgecock.

As a Congressman, Tancredo has never managed to pass a bill with his name on it and is not allowed in the Republican White House.

These two men have two things in common: They both avoided military service during
Vietnam for "medical" reasons. Hedgecock because of "acne;" Tancredo because he claimed mental infirmity and anxiety attacks, excuses he raised only after his student deferments ran out after four years in college. Neither man has ever served in the American military despite three different wars waged by the United States during the post-18 year old lives of these two public men.

The other commonality is their fierce opposition to illegal aliens from Mexico and for Mexicans in general. A sidebar commonality is that they will both appear at a Washington rally by the extreme white wing of the American political spectrum that so vehemently objects to Mexican presence in the
United States, legal or illegal.

Tancredo’s draft-dodging is supported by, of all people, John Birch Society associates with:

"Tom Tancredo's patriotism is what it is independent of what he did during the
Vietnam era. First, he was a boy then; today he is a middle-aged man. Next, avoiding that war was in no way unpatriotic, in and of itself. A patriot is one who is loyal to his own people. Don't mistake patriotism with service to a corrupt, rotten government."

"…loyal to his people." We presume that means to the "White nation" referred to in the White’s only statement by Mr. Gliebe. Not to "the unmitigated flow of
Third World peasants across our southern border" referred to by his John Birch Society backers who in the same e-mails approve of Tancredo’s draft dodging in the Vietnam Era.

Kirt R. Poovey, another Birch Society backer of Tancredo writes: "Bush and his backers are pulling a typical
Clinton maneuver by digging up dirt on Tancredo. It's called character assassination to get rid of his backing and support because he's becoming effective against Bush's illegal immigration policies."

Digging up dirt? Published reports declare that decorated Vietnam War veterans (Republican elected officials) refuse to appear on the same platform as Tancredo because of his draft dodging while 58,000 Americans died in Southeast Asia. Is this "dirt?"

In Hedgecock’s case, he pled guilty to avoid a third corruption trial after former "Mob" lawyer Oscar Goodman failed to keep Hedgecock from being convicted.

Nonetheless, the
Vietnam draft dodger and "guilty" Hedgecock will appear together in Washington D.C. to protest illegal aliens. These men will be all over the cable news programs and their words will resonate with their "White kinsmen." These men are the warriors of the "White nation." The "nation" that they miss so much, the "nation" that promoted slavery, segregation in each and every aspect of American life and a segregated Army that these two men refused to serve in, that is the "nation" these patriots were and are.

These men will blather and fulminate against these little brown men and women who come to work, come illegally because these and other like-minded men stand in the way of a legal guest worker program that will legalize the situation. These brown men and women will not be able to answer the slime thrown that them. One, they are too busy working for a living benefiting us all and secondly, they have no voice.

Neither do the 58,000 men and women who died in Vietnam, the war both these men deliberately avoided because it would have inconvenienced them. These men are true American patriots, acne, anxiety attacks and all, aren’t they?

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