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By Raoul Lowery Contr
November-December 2012

(Editor’s Note: Since Mr. Contreras writing this commentary a cease fire has been negotiating that as of this date, November 26, 2012, is holding)

 Arab Cowardice, Israeli Patience
By Raoul Lowery Contreras

Rockets and missiles fired by Arab terrorists are raining down on Israel from the Gaza Strip. Hi-tech bombs and missiles are being fired by Israeli planes and gunners into over a thousand Gaza military installations in return.

Those are the irrefutable facts. Another irrefutable fact is that Americans take sides on the entire complex problems of the Middle East and specifically on the friction between Arab irregulars in Gaza and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) AKA the Israeli Army and its air forces.

Americans also are taking sides. Hispanics, especially Mexican Americans are no different; they, too, are taking sides.

But for the life of me I don’t understand how Mexican Americans side with the Arabs of Gaza. The arguments from the Arab Palestinians compel many of the Mexican American Left to side with them for they wallow in the same complaints themselves against Americans, America and Mexican Americans who think these arguments are specious.

Argument number one: Israel is practicing a ethnic cleansing and has since the War of Partition in 1948. By this the Palestinians and their partisans mean that Israelis – read Jews – stole Arab property and forced some Arabs to abandon Palestine to become refugees for these sixty-plus years.

Argument number two: Israel should allow Arabs to return and claim their property and lands and be compensated for what was taken by the Jews – this is “The Right of Return” they insist on.

Argument number three: Israel is guilty of war crimes by bombing Gaza and the West Bank and killing civilians.

Argument number four: The Palestinians are “indigenous” to Palestine and the Jews are European interlopers and don’t belong there.

Are any of these arguments sustainable intellectually or historically? Probably not…

When the war of partition started many of the Jewish irregular forces were refugees from concentration camps liberated by Allied forces throughout Germany. Many snuck into Palestine illegally from Europe because the British restricted migration to Palestine.

The British didn’t want to antagonize the Arab population considering that the Arab leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the highest ranking Muslim cleric in the world, had sided with Nazi Germany. He had, in fact, lived the war years in Berlin.

The illegal migrants who managed to avoid the British restrictions brought a burning desire for a homeland that matched the native born Jews of Palestine (Sabras), or as some say, Judea and Samaria.

From the Canadian Institute of Jewish Research:

“The Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria has continued uninterrupted to the present day (since biblical days), with the exception of various periods during which occupying powers, such as Jordan's illegal occupation (1948-1967), prohibited Jews from inhabiting the areas. Following the destruction of the Second Temple and the exile of the majority of Jews from the land of Israel in 70 C.B., Hebron remained one of the centers of Jewish life… throughout history. It was only in 1929, following Arab riots throughout Israel, when 67 Jews were murdered in a state-sanctioned pogrom in Hebron, that the community was destroyed, later to be rebuilt following the city's liberation in 1967 and in response to Arab efforts to ethnically cleanse these lands of Jews in the 1920s and 1930s.”

Are the modern day Palestinians traceable to people that lived in those biblical days in the land of the Bible? We do know there were other people than Jews in the Middle East Romans conquered but can the complaining Palestinians claim to be descendents of those people? Consider this -- these people mark their existence from the 7th century when the Mohammed-led Muslim scourge burst out of the Arabian Desert to convert or kill whomever they found.

The indigenous argument doesn’t pass the smell test. The “forced” abandonment doesn’t either because the Arabs that left, left because the five Arab nations that attacked the nascent Israel ordered them to leave. Those nations include Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt.

As for war crimes, Arab irregulars working with the radical Hamas organization shoot deadly rockets into Israel from Gaza and the Israelis respond in self defense. Certainly they bombard and target what their intelligence reveals are military installations, supplies and sometimes civilians are killed by bombs and missiles but it isn’t Israel’s fault that the Arabs hide their military stores and facilities in hospitals, schools and apartment buildings.

Lastly, the “right of return” that the Arabs insist on is completely bogus. We can look right here for a precedent.

British Loyalists refused to support the American Revolution and ran off to Canada for the duration. When the Americans won the war, the British insisted that those Loyalists be allowed to return and reclaim their property. The Americans issued a simple answer to the demand. No, Hell No! There is no “right of return.”

Realistic and intelligent Hispanic Americans know the Palestinian cause is bogus. Israel not only has a right to exist, it has the right and duty of self defense. The United States of America must support Israel in its self-defense with money, technology, supplies and military help -- if necessary. ###

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