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From the Publisher's Corner

By Sal Osio

At year end a new national magazine - BELLO - premiered. It launched with a cover featuring Alejandro Fernandez, the son of legendary Ranchera music Vicente Fernandez, and an accomplished singer superstar in his own right, as "ZAPATA," Mexico's revolutionary hero. The publication in high gloss quality tabloid print, all 118 pages, providing professional quality content: "Power, Culture & Success."


The publication is aimed at the English language dominant American Hispanic, in his cultural heritage and diversity, whether Indigena, Mestizo or Africano. The Editor-in-chief, Fernando Diaz, paraphrases his mission as "Bello is the gift that (they) have given me. They have helped me see the iridescent beauty that exists within Chican(o), Mexicano, and Latino cultures. We encompass every aspect of the light. In thought, spirituality and political ideology."


The publication aspires to become "the largest paid subscription Latino lifestyle magazine in the new millennium," according to R. Julio Gudiņo III, CEO and Publisher. That is quite a challenge given the plethora of successful national magazines, including Hispanic and Vista, which are not affiliated with this online publication. To make their mark the publishers distributed 300,000 complimentary copies in select Hispanic markets, particularly in Los Angeles. This very costly gambit is as much a statement to their ambition as it is to their cojones. Gudiņo's partner and close friend, Miguel Gutierrez, is the Co-Publisher and Chairman. The publishers announced their mission as follows: "We highlight Latinos in a manner deserving of respect and integrity ... to display the beauty and strength of culture. One of our goals is for this publication to become an avenue that can emphasize the significance of the diverse Latino population that we are today." The fourth founder, James A. Juarez, is the CFO and CPO.


Four young dynamic, ambitious, passionate entrepreneurs embarked in a Quixotic mission, which can catapult them to the pinnacles of media stardom and the cultural elite. Or, at the very least, they will have dared to fulfill their vision and passion.


Their success is not going to depend on their content. In this they have already succeeded. Their text, complemented, by creative graphics, is artistic, provocative, relevant, authoritative and compelling. Rather, their success will depend on their circulation, their subscription base. Readership begets advertising, the revenue engine which will determine the success or failure of the enterprise. In this regard we can all give these young daring adventurers a helping hand by subscribing to Bello. In the process we will be helping ourselves as well.


Visit our comrades at http://www.bellomagazine.com/ and enter your subscription.


We at HispanicVista wishe the founders a resounding success and congratulates them on their undertaking.


Sal Osio is the Publisher of HispanicVista.com (www.hispanicvista.com). Contact at: Sposio@aol.com