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Before Enlightenment

By Steven J. Ybarra, JD

February 28, 2005

This month has been a good time for the Democrats. Bush admitted he was a dope smoker, Howard Dean was elected to chair the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the DNC employees who worked for Terry McAuliffe were asked to resign. All in all, the month is looking pretty darn good.

This is the time when Democrats need to figure out how to seek enlightenment. I know that the Buddhist thing is not a generally shared philosophy, but hey - it is all about Zen and motorcycle repair. I own a motor and I know that sometimes Zen works real well. The reality is that for some mysterious reason sometimes the motor will not start, dies for no reason, or will not even connect with the key. Then, on the side of the road, watching the cars go by, you realize that you forgot to do the preventative maintenance on the bike and that is the reason why it is not running.

It is kind of like the Democratic Party at the moment. You see while we were at the DNC meeting we listened to how the DNC had one hundred million dollars in the bank and a new building (no President, but hey).  Of course, no one mentioned that the Republicans have raised 40 million dollars in their 527ís to support the President in his run at Social Security.

So here is the question of the day - What should the Democrats be doing to achieve enlightenment?

This year there are 491 mayoral elections and over 15,000 school board elections going on nationwide. To date the DNC has not announced plans to approach these issues. More importantly neither have the so-called progressive (see Democrat) 527ís. We need to get off the dime and get going. The facts remain undisputed that since 1992 the number of HI-Spanic voters has doubled from 4.2 million to over 9 million. Bush the lesser got ten percent more of those votes than he did last time. Letís see how many votes did Kerry lose by?

There are major mayoral races in which Latino voters are not only the margin of victory they are the candidates (See North Las Vegas, New York, Miami). On the Republican side recently, Gary Mendoza, a Pete Wilson minion, announced that he is running for Insurance Commissioner here in California. The Republicans are pushing strong for the Latino vote. Where are the Democrats? What is the budget and where is the plan? Maybe its time to have a real summit to examine the proposals on how to retake the high ground.

Someone needs to tell them it is time to seek enlightenment.  However, before they get there, they will have to clean the house, chop wood, carry water, and cook the food; then after they achieve enlightenment, they will have to do the same.

P.S. Note to Ruben Navarrete: Howard Dean is right - the Bush Social Security thing is a scheme not a plan.

©Steven J. Ybarra JD is a retired civil rights attorney who operates a consultant company in California.  He is a member of the Democratic National Committee and a long time political activist.  Contact Steven at: sjybarra@aol.com, This article is copyright by Steven J. Ybarra JD, originally published in www.Hispanicvista.com but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media if this entire credit paragraph is attached.