Letters to the Editor

Week of January 24th, 2005

 Dear Patrick,
  I always look forward to receiving the Hispanic Vista Weekly Digest, it is always important to see different points of view from that of the telivision news or local periodicals. Unfortunately the write up on the Mexican Migrant Guide in misrepresnted by Mr. Richard Baldwin. I translated this guuide and  never does it state that one should "blend in" when crossing the border. It is upfront in communicating to the reader that one should get a Mexican passport and a visa from the embassy or consulate of the country to be visited. It also states that unfortunately there are thiose that do not abide by this law and take it upon themselves to cross without the proper documentation. This is where the guide gives advise as to how to conduct oneself if approached by an immigration or law enforcement agent.  The guide tells them how to behave responsibly while in the United States and to remember that if they are here with false or no documentation, then they are breaking the laws of this country. I know law enforcement agents that have stated this guide to be informative and does law enforcement a favor by telling the migrants not to run, provoke or abuse an officer when stopped. It is this type of misinterpretation by people such as Mr. Richard Baldwin that sends the wrong message to our local politicians and community.

Thank you -
Fernando Cordova
Spanish Media Services
Mesa, Arizona



In a response to the Column sinverguenza by Mr. Robert Miranda in which he describes the sell out of Mr. Perfecto Rivera to Clear Channel Communications, describing the division of leadership by an offer of Clear Channel.  This tactic of dividing people has been in use for over a 100 plus years here in Puerto Rico.  I will explain further, they keep the society here fighting for a more moral status alternative, while the other 50% are happy colonials, or happy with being denied the basic rights of voting for a congress that sends them to wars and a President that gives and cuts funds as he pleases.  Malcolm X in his famous speech titled;  "The Ballot or the Bullet" in 1964 called a citizenship without representation a "second class citizenship" and that is what we have here in Puerto Rico.  We have been lied to by some of our leaders telling us that is better this way of a colony because we are not taxed, but we are tax in our phone access and with the social security which is a tax, but we are ill represented with one so called resident commissioner that does not even vote, and at the beginning had no voice in Congress, imagine that one. 
       To get back to Mr. Perfecto Rivera, his actions are very typical of a persona that thinks of him first, second and third and if there is something else left, then he might consider it, the division of the leadership is no concern to him, because he got a slice of the pie. Cristobal Cardona, Ex Military, English Teacher student Cardona6569@aol.com



to whom it may concern:
  there are a number of on the job accidents involving
undocumented workers,one of which is my brother-in-law
although his life was spared he lost his leg.his
accident was on July16,2004 and on the 22 of July two
other Mexican undocumented workers were killed when
the building they were working on collapsed on them
leaving several badly injured.one of those men are
Alejandro Pacheco of Boca Raton Florida. the company
had no insurance.I'm looking to take this to
congress.if you know of anyone that could be of help
please contact me via my e-mail or regular mail
                            thank you
                         Jera Cristobal
                         P.O.Box 2363
                         Lake City, Florida 32056

Did you know that from Jan.2004 till August 2004 that
970 Mexican born nationals died of work related
injuries,YES! this needs to stop.please HELP!