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(Counterpoint to Raoul Lowery Contreras’ “A Father Lives Through His Dead Son”
Raoul how dare you question Fernando Suarez – you are a vendido.
By Dorinda Moreno

Raoul, estufas, ese! This essay is so laden with denigrating, disrespectful-- talking down not only to Fernando Suarez del solar, but to all thinking parents y pueblo not following the red white and blue lies that got us into the Iraq war. And, yes, like Fernando and the 'white people of the American left which you demean, also I am an admitted antiwar, Chicana activist, proud to stand opposite from any podium on which you may serve: two polarized views in this sea of contradictions that is the corporate war and takeover of the united states and thus of the planet.

Also, I hold in my keep, my grandfather's green card and having fought in the 1910 revolution alongside of Pancho Villa, I honor his example and follow in his footsteps, como Fernando Suarez del solar, guerrera Azteca. Gente like ourselves will always be your 'bee sting'.

Bravo for Moctezuma Esparza for making a film of this important time in history that Fernando gracefully presence's, and that you so stupidly lambaste with your slanted 'lambiche' tecnica of the right. Jesus died so that scoundrels like you could emanate your poison pen condescension in support of the status quo. Pues, let me assure you that my views are my own and that I trust that Fernando represents the many parents who themselves did not receive a proper education yet soon found out what perhaps he and they didn't know before-- that their son's and daughters did not die in vein. Jesus left his padre and people like myself much to direct the rest of our lives for-- ending using our young to fight corporate and old men's wars of trickery, buffoonery, and corporate complicity for oil and empire.

Do you think that all the parents of son's and daughter's that sign up for the military, coming back maimed or in boxes are knowledgeable of 'foreign policy?' and, if they were not before, that they haven't read enough newspapers or watched enough television to quickly see that they sacrificed their blood kin for a lie? The blood of Jesus on foreign soil is 'proof' enough for Fernando's following of his heart and questioning the motives of Bush and his blood thirsty cronies.

Whose ideas do you 'regurgitate?' I'm sure not just your own, but those that belly up to the sheepish followers of the doctrine of evil that moves the writing of this denigrating opinion offering de verguenza. Obviously, you belong to these whose tonterias feel as though you have inherited the flag since l776 forward, from the victor's you shall embrace the spoils.

Fernando makes it plain from his title, that he belongs to the gente of the '500 years of resistance', guerrero Azteca, of whom we are consistent with our legacy of destiny y honra. while your venom reeks de un tapado of ultimate pendejes.


How dare you question that Fernando and others like him did not know where Iraq was on the map. Many whose children have gone to Iraq and died or are forever maimed and scarred, may not be able to find Iraq on the map, or for that matter, Washington DC. Further, of that dyslexic animal in the white house, I bet you forgive the fact that a team of burro-crats writes his speeches and think his thoughts before he utters them. like Reagon, a studied actor of the John Wayne category still fighting the Indians. and, trust me we are proud to keep circling the wagon's till we wrest history from the likes of you and Bush and write our own pages of the future.

We are all smart enough to know that Bush has had two fraudulent elections. Don't waste your depleted emotional bank grieving for Jesus or any activists’ sons or daughters who dare rise up to the knowledge their children have given their lives for a lie, and are voicing their opinions feely in the face of the Patriot Act. The ultimate desgracia of this piece, is that you say you grieve for Jesus, but in reality you just want to sell your book!

Pues, stay in your panic, and those others of your kind receiving much more feria than Fernando will ever get. your writing will always speak for our enemy, never for 'nuestra gente', unless they are the one's also who don't think for themselves because they follow you, Hispanic Vista, Bush and every vendido that comes down the tubes of history.

Bring them on! Pancho Villa lives! todos somos Marcos.
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